Quality Ingredients

It starts with quality ingredients

ing-prem-chocoPremium Chocolate

Our chocolatiers begin with fresh whole milk, not powdered milk, creating a chocolate that’s creamier and more flavorful. Over 50 years ago our founder, Mamoru Takitani, developed a secret chocolate recipe. It’s his recipe that we still use today.

ing-grade-a-macsGrade “A” Macadamias

Handpicked at the peak of perfection, our tropically grown macadamias are dry roasted to enhance their flavor and lock in their freshness. Hawaiian Host was the first confectioner in the world to dry roast macadamias instead of cooking them in oil.

ing-goodness-biteGoodness in every bite

Our caramels and toffees are handmade in small batches. Our ingredients include real Kona coffee and pure Hawaiian honey. And every product we create is made with 100% aloha. When it says “Hawaiian Host,” it has to be perfect.