Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Genuine. Classic. Original. This is not merely a tagline, but three words that have resonated through time, through each task performed and through every product delivered.

As a young man, Mamoru Takitani had a pioneering spirit and a desire to create a world-famous candy. Experimenting in his parents’ attic, he and his wife, Aiko, blended different kinds of chocolates developing a unique recipe. Mamoru began dipping macadamia nuts into this secret blend creating a sensation on Maui.

Armed with his fabulous recipe, Mamoru moved to Honolulu and purchased Ellen Dye Candies, a local confectioner since 1927 and renamed the company Hawaiian Host. Although there were early setbacks, through hard work and dedication, the Takitanis turned a small candy business into the country’s largest exporter of chocolate covered macadamias.


Ellen Dye Candies opens as a small candy shop in Honolulu. The company is the first confectioner to dip macadamia nuts into chocolate.


While working at his family’s business, Star Ice and Soda Works, Mamoru Takitani and his wife, Aiko, perfect a secret blend of chocolate and begin dipping macadamia nuts creating a sensation on Maui.


Mamoru Takitani moves to O’ahu, buys Ellen Dye Candies and renames it Hawaiian Host. The new company opens for business with 6 employees, and makes $800 in sales during the first month, but has $1,600 in expenses. Mamoru sets a goal to sell 100 cases a day so his wife can join him in Honolulu.


Hawaiian Host incorporates.


Hawaiian Host introduces MacNut Crunch®, macadamia nut chocolates enhanced with the addition of crisp rice.


The company expands to a 25,000 square-foot building in Honolulu and begins its penetration in Asia starting with Japan.


Hawaiian Host is the first to dry roast macadamias and revolutionize the industry.


The company sets up a separate, large candy-making factory in Gardena, California.


Hawaiian Host opens the M.A.T. Trading Company, named after Mamoru and Aiko Takitani, to handle the import and distribution of its products in Japan.


Hawaiian Host introduces Maui Caramacs®, a delicious taste sensation by combining chocolate, macadamia nuts and creamy caramel.


Hawaiian Host gains sole sponsorship of the Emmy award winning TV series, Hawaiian Moving Company, a popular, locally produced entertainment show on CBS-affiliate KGMB-TV.


The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation start a legacy of awarding scholarships to outstanding students at every private and public high school throughout Hawai’i.


Hawaiian Host moves its corporate headquarters and production operations to a new 67,000 square-foot facility in the Iwilei district of Honolulu, featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery that more than doubles its production capacity to meet growing demand.


Hawaiian Host unveils its website, hawaiianhost.com providing a new opportunity to share “Hawai’i’s Gift to the World”.


Hawaiian Host introduces Toffee MacNut Crunch and a premium line of macadamias featuring lightly salted and unsalted wholes and halves. The company also receives a Maile Award from the Hawai’i Visitors and Convention Bureau for outstanding contributions to the Hawai’i community.


Hawaiian Host introduces Hawaiian Honey Coated Whole Macadamias, premium whole macadamias coated with pure Hawaiian honey and enrobed in chocolate.


Hawaiian Host introduces Honey Glazed Macadamias and premium Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Macadamias. Hawaiian Host chocolates are named “Best Gift” by Honolulu Weekly.


Hawaiian Host introduces sugar-free confections including Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Macadamia Clusters and Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Macadamia Clusters.


Hawaiian Host introduces new stand-up box and square box packaging designs with personal-sized quantities, Macadamia Medley®, a premium gift box with an assortment of favorites and enters the booming China market.


Hawaiian Host introduces Kona Caramacs®, premium White Chocolate Covered Whole Macadamias and new stand-up bags for easy storing, packing and indulging.


Hawaiian Host celebrates 80 years of being Hawai’i’s Gift to the World. The Mayor of Honolulu proclaims July 20 as Chocolate Macadamia Nut Day and Hawaiian music artist Raiatea Helm launches a new original hit song on a free CD sampler tucked into every Christmas Macadamia Medley box.


Hawaiian Host® brings back Grammy-nominated Hawaiian songbird Raiatea Helm after a successful Christmas Macadamia Medley® launch, this time for a Valentine’s Day. The special Valentine Macadamia Medley® features the same 14 pieces of chocolate treats with a Valentine’s Day edition sleeve and free three-song CD sampler by Helm tucked in every box.

Hawaiian Host® launches its very first specially made Sanrio® character box featuring Hello Kitty®. The 2-ounce box prominently features Hello Kitty® decked out in a grass skirt, lei, and a hibiscus flower at her left ear. Each box contains four pieces of hand-selected chocolate covered Macadamia nuts.

Hawaiian Host® brings back Raiatea Helm for another holiday “sweet” deal, this time with a new song and five new tracks on the free CD sampler. The 2009 Christmas Macadamia Medley® with Raiatea Helm features the songstress on the sleeve with anew photo and new look.


Hawaiian Host® unveils its Hello Kitty® Collector’s Case featuring four individually wrapped chocolate covered Macadamias in a new customized pink Hello Kitty® shaped plastic case with a clear cover bearing the face of the character. Each individually wrapped treat features Hello Kitty® decked out in a grass skirt, lei, and a hibiscus flower at her left ear on the package.

Hawaiian Host® unveils its new Stand Up Box design featuring three scenic picture post cards from Hawai’I on the front of the package that includes beautiful cascading waterfalls in a luscious tropical forest setting; a view of Oahu’s most famous and historic distinct volcano Diamond Head from across the ocean with sail boats and kayakers in the foreground; and an exotic local island woman with vibrant and fragrant head and neck lei.

Hawaiian Host® continues its holiday promotion with combining the Macadamia Medley® with music. Award-winning Maui artist Willie K. launches two original songs “One for the Troops” and “Christmas Time Again” that are featured on a free four-song CD sampler, tucked in every Christmas Macadamia Medley® box.


After many years of experimentation, Hawaiian Host® launches the first Limited Edition Macadamia Truffles in for the holiday season. Available only Hawai’i market during the 2011 holiday season, the new product features a perfect blend of creamy Macadamia butter, ground from roasted Macadamias, and dark chocolate enrobed in a layer of Hawaiian Host’s legendary premiumsecret blend of milk chocolate.

Hawaiian Host® introduces Aloha Mix, a new premium offering featuring bite-sized, pieces of its signature chocolate covered macadamias and MacNut Crunch®, diced macadamias and crisped rice covered in milk chocolate, to the travel Asian markets. Individually wrapped pieces are included in an easy-to-carry handle bag.


Due to its popularity, Hawaiian Host® decides to reintroduce the once limited edition Macadamia Truffles as an every day item. It remains the only truffle to incorporate Macadamia nuts as part of it’s soft, buttery truffle center.

A contest is held to find the next “Great Hawaiian Host-ess” to be featured in some of the company’s future advertising efforts.


Hawaiian Host® announces (Nicole) Kawehi Navarro as the winner of the “Great Hawaiian Host-ess” search. She is selected from more than 500 entries submitted as the individual who exemplifies the gracious spirit of the company.

Hawaiian Host® unveils its package redesign, including images of the Great Hawaiian Host-ess, for the launch of its AlohaMacs® Collection. The launch includes the addition of dark chocolate covered macadamias to the existing product line of creamy milk chocolate covered macadamias.

Hawaiian Host® introduces a “Holiday” Tree Tin for Christmas featuring 12 individually wrapped AlohaMacs®, including milk and dark chocolate covered macadamias.

A Paradise Delights Tub is introduced featuring a variety of three individually wrapped Hawaiian Host one piece bars: AlohaMacs® Milk, AlohaMacs® Dark and Maui Caramacs® in an easy-to-carry and share tub and club-sized standup box.

A Chinese New Year Tin debuts featuring 2 or 4 count of 6-ounce MacNut Crunch® boxes in a festive red and gold design. It is exclusively sold in China in the later part of the year up until the end of Chinese New Year in February.


Hawaiian Host® unveils its newest taste sensation – Coconut Caramacs™. The new flavor features coconut-infused handmade caramel, mixed with dry roasted macadamias and covered in milk chocolate and sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes. It joins Maui Caramacs® and Kona Caramacs® to become the third addition to the Caramacs family.

The entire Caramacs product line received a new look to its packaging that aligns it with the redesigned AlohaMacs® product line packaging. Each Caramacs box features a Hawaii skyline during a sunset that shows off Hawai‘i’s radiant colors and beauty.

New packaging is unveiled for MacNut Crunch®, Toffee MacNut Crunch® and ToffeeMacs®. Each box features a beautiful flower lei, that shares a bit of Hawai‘i’s beauty and spirit of Aloha that is recognized via the giving of flower lei to those arriving or departing Hawai‘i and other special occasions.