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KOHO by Hawaiian Host

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If our chocolates could talk, they would whisper stories of dreamy summer days; tradewinds blowing as the scent of sea spray mixed with jasmine lingers. They would speak of lush valleys revealing secret waterfalls — thanks to the steady stream of rain from the night before. Each piece has its own story to tell. With a bit of hope and a spirit of adventure, it can whisk you away to a different world in a matter of moments. 

Experience the Flavors of KOHO

Coconut caramel

Coconut Caramel

A glittering bay arching over miles and miles. A green headland so distant as to seem unreal. Tall, tall palms so far away they appear to stand still. This is the place you’ll go, the moment you try this caramel.

Hawaiian sea salt caramel

Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel

These islands are as far-flung as any on Earth. You can see it in the sparkling crystal waters of the ocean. And you can taste it in the perfect crystals in this sweet yet salty caramel.

Kona coffee caramel

Kona Coffee Caramel

Floral, spicy, chocolatey...How to describe Kona coffee? It’s rich volcanic soil, sunny mornings and light afternoon rain. Like a gentle walk on the slopes of Hualalai. You should go sometime.

Liliko’i caramel

Lilikoi Caramel

Listen and you’ll hear them. Bees buzzing in the orchard. You’ve never tried a lillikoi? So lemony but then oh-so sweet, it’s like a...Here, try it for yourself.

Macadamia blossom honey caramel

Macadamia Blossom Honey Caramel

It’s almost like...jasmine. That’s what these macadamia flowers smell like. And they only blossom twice a year, so let’s just take a moment.

Macadamia praline

Macadamia Praline

The praline between your thumb and forefinger is what the macadamia nut was destined for. You can almost hear the crack of the hard shell in the quiet valley and the long, wavy leaves of those trees rustling with a breeze that’s sweeping inland from the ocean.


Complete the journey with our full suite of flavors … Experience all paradise has to offer through 18 artisanal pieces.


Explore what paradise has to offer through 12 artisanal pieces.


There are many facets of paradise – discover each, one flavor at a time.

"Luxury in Hawaii is in our beautiful, natural places. Your heartbeat slows down. Your attitude changes and you melt into the land. It’s not limited to the few. Anybody can go and it transforms you.”

~ Tony Takitani